1. Breeders should only breed with the intentions of improving the breed, and only when the breeder is in a position to properly care for the bitch and litter and capable of finding suitable homes for the puppies.   The breeder should recognize that it may be necessary to house offspring for a considerable length of time and be prepared to provide suitable facilities during this period.
2. Breeders should breed only stock that is in good health and which is physically and temperamentally sound.   No dog or bitch should be bred that is suspected of having any serious inheritable defect or disease.
3. Both parents should have at a minimum:
a) Appropriate hip clearances, either by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), PennHip, Wind Morgan or appropriate clearance for country of residence.
b) An annual eye check and be certified normal by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) or an annual eye exam or report from an ACVO Board certified ophthalmologist marked "normal" both eyes, or appropriate clearances for country of residence.
4. A bitch should not be allowed to produce an excessive number of litters.   Sufficient time should be allowed between litters for the bitch to recuperate.
5. Breeders will raise their puppies in a healthy environment with adequate socialization.   All puppies will be inoculated and wormed in accordance with veterinary recommentations.   No puppy will be placed in a new home before the age of seven weeks.
6. Breeders will screen each puppy buyer and strive to place each dog in a permanent home.   Under no circumstances will an ethical breeder engage in wholesaling litters nor will they sell to pet dealers or retailers, catalog houses, commercial breeding operations, or supply puppies or dogs for raffles, lotteries, auctions, or laboratories.   Breeders will assist in the placement or relocation of the dog to a new home, if purchaser's situation changes so they can't keep their pet.
7. All breeders must keep accurate and thorough breeding records.   Each breeder will supply to each purchaser a bill of sale, a three generation pedigree, health record, registration (unless it is withheld by written agreement of both parties), and instructions for care and feeding.   ABOVE ALL, BREEDERS SHOULD BE HONEST when dealing with puppy purchasers in all matters such as pedigrees, clearances, and inherited attributes.